A Hybrid approach for credibility detection in twitter

Gün, Alper
Nowadays, microblogging services are seen as a source of information. İt brings us a question. Can we trust information in a microblogging service? İn this thesis, we focus on one of the popular microblogging service, Twitter, and try to answer which information in Twitter is credible. Newsworthiness, importance and correctness are the dimensions to be measured in this study. We propose a hybrid credibility analysis which combines feature based and graph based approaches. Our model is based on three types of structures, which are tweet, user and topic. İnitially, we use feature based learning to construct a prediction model. İn the second step, we use the results of this model as input to authority transfer and further refine the credibility scores for each type of node. The same process is used for measuring each of the dimensions of newsworthiness, importance and correctness. Experiment results show that the proposed hybrid method improves the prediction accuracy for each of these credibility dimensions.
Citation Formats
A. Gün, “A Hybrid approach for credibility detection in twitter,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.