Dynamic analysis and modelling of a rocket launcher system

Çiçek, Burak Can
In this study, a compliant version of the cardan universal joint whose compliant parts are made of blue polished spring steel is considered. The original design consist of two identical parts assembled at right angles with respect to each other. Identical parts can be produced from planar materials; thus, it has the advantage of easiness in manufacturing. As a design example, two mechanisms are dimensioned with different plate thicknesses. The resultant stresses at flexural hinges of these samples are determined via analytical and finite element analysis method. Torque capacity of these mechanisms are determined. Also fatigue analysis of these mechanisms are performed. Further, one of these samples is manufactured and operated under three different conditions. It is verified that results of experiments are consistent with theoretical approaches.
Citation Formats
B. C. Çiçek, “Dynamic analysis and modelling of a rocket launcher system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.