An Evaluation of roles, coordination and cooperation of local governments in disaster risk management policy in Turkey

Çalışkan, İdil
This study examines the authority of local administrations in need of local-level preparedness, community participation and training to have efficient and sustainable disaster risk reduction (DRR) and disaster risk management (DRM) in Turkey. The enduring debates between the local authorities and central government in Turkey, history of regulations for disasters and local governments involving the discussion regarding the recently published local government law; national and international DRM improvements are thoroughly discussed. This thesis provides the DRM and DRR in both national and global level. It also seeks to answer questions such as how reduction and management of disaster risk is perceived at the local level in Turkey, where Turkey is considering the adaptations of international disaster policies in national mitigation strategies regarding urban risks and vulnerabilities. Within the framework of recently developing and evolving UN policies of disaster risk reduction which are focused on urban resilience and accordingly local participation, Kocaeli and Yalova as highly seismic provinces with past disaster experiences are selected as case studies to research and learn from the past experiences and current implementations of DRR/DRM strategies at the local level. Their historical natural hazard impact experiences and how it affected their mitigation behaviors and affords through local level are elaborated through local administrative authorities and agents.