A Software for analysis of permanent magnet AC motors

Bulgan, Deniz
Nowadays permanent magnet motors became very popular in almost every area of industry such as automotive, aerospace and automation due to having higher efficiency, better torque-speed characteristics, longer life, higher dynamic response, higher torque per volume when compared to brushed DC and induction motors. These advantages made PM motors very essential and the need of design and analysis of PM motors became more important with the need of specialized applications. In this thesis, a previously developed MATLAB based analysis approach will be improved to obtain an analysis tool for analysis of permanent magnet AC motors. The software will be tested with experimental data. As a result of this study, a software for analyzing surface mount permanent magnet motors is developed. By using the developed software user can obtain the solution of electrical and magnetic circuit solutions of the motor, see performance characteristics from graphics and see the lamination drawing from the machine dimensions and electrical limitations. The results of the software is compared with the experiment results of a manufactured motor and differences between results are explained.
Citation Formats
D. Bulgan, “A Software for analysis of permanent magnet AC motors,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.