Design, implementation and engineering aspects of 12-pulse TCR based SVC systems for voltage regulation

Parlak, Deniz
Thyristor controlled reactor (TCR) based static VAr compensator (SVC) systems has various types with unique characteristics. Considering power system requirements, suitable compensator type should be chosen. In this thesis work, 12-pulse TCR based voltage regulation type SVC system is analyzed, simulated and implemented. Principles of operation, strong and weak points are discussed. The developed system has been implemented in order to solve voltage regulation problem in Dhurma (Saudi Arabia). According to the requirements, power stage and control system is designed. Overall system is composed of two similar compensator systems each having a rated power of 1.5 MVAr (3 MVAr in total). Different types of control algorithms are examined in order to get the optimized solution in terms of power quality issues such as power system losses and harmonics. Power system at the corresponding area and the compensator is simulated using EMTDC/PSCAD program. Field test results are also obtained and compared with simulation results.