Causes, analysis and stabilisation of a coastal slide, south of Sinop, Turkey

Işık, Nihat Sinan


Causes and effects of urban transformation processes on the cultural heritage in Hacı Bayram area, Ulus /
Demiröz, Merve; Şahin Güçhan, Neriman; Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Department of Architecture (2015)
Hacı Bayram Area is located on the top ofa small hill on the north-westenı part of the Ankara Citadel in Ulus Historic Center. Co-existance of the Temple of Augus­ tus and Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque as a symbol of spatial continuity throughout the history and surrounding traditional neighbourhoods give the area its unique charac­ teristics. The Hacı Bayram Square and surrounding environment, which is called as Hacı Bayram Area throughout the history, has always became one of the focal points of huge interventi...
Causes and remedies of transverse corner cracks on billets of EN S355J2G3S low alloy steel grade (Aluminum killed C-Mn steel with V addition) produced in Çemtaş steel plant
Kunt, Zafer; Sevinç, Naci; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2001)
Causes and consequences of seasonal variation of phosphoglucomutase (pgm) enzyme polymorphism in honeybees, (apis mellifera l.) of turkey
Güldüren, Zerrin; Kence, Meral; Department of Biology (2008)
Phosphoglucomutase (PGM) is one of the central enzymes in energy metabolism at a branch point at the head of the metabolic pathway leading into glycogen metabolism, pentose shunt and the main glycolytic cycle, catalyzing the reversible interconversion of glucose-1-phosphate to glucose-6-phosphate. Whole year, month to month analysis of pattern of allozyme variation at Pgm and Hk loci in Apis mellifera L. from three provinces; Kırklareli, Artvin, and Hatay revealed that there is significant seasonal variatio...
Causes of Continuity and Participation Problems in Process Improvement with Staged Maturity Models
Uskarci, Algan; Demirörs, Onur (2015-06-17)
Staged maturity model based process improvement have been widely employed and analyzed over the past few decades. However the participation of the employees and the continuity of process improvement activities while employing these models is an unexplored aspect of software process improvement research. In this paper we try to identify the causal factors resulting in the shortcomings of staged maturity models with respect to the continuity, extent, and employee participation of process improvement activitie...
Timing and Nature of Mineralization and Associated Hydrothermal Alteration at the Öksüt High-Sulfidation Epithermal Au-Cu Deposit (Kayseri Province, Central Anatolia)
Yurdakul, Emrecan; İmer, Ali; Cihan, Mustafa (Society of Economic Geologists, 2021-01-01)
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N. S. Işık, “Causes, analysis and stabilisation of a coastal slide, south of Sinop, Turkey,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.