A Decision support model for adopting software product line engineering /

Tüzün, Eray
The software product line engineering (SPLE) community has provided several different approaches for assessing the feasibility of SPLE adoption and selecting transition strategies. These approaches usually include many rules and guidelines which are very often implicit or scattered over different publications. Hence, for the practitioners it is not always easy to select and use these rules to support the decision-making process. To support the decision-making process in SPLE adoption, a decision support model is introduced for pursuing SPLE transition. A prototype tool, Transit-PL is developed after a domain analysis study on the feasibility analysis approaches and SPLE transition strategies in the literature. The decision support model has been developed and enhanced through exploratory case studies, and then further validated in both literature-based retrospective case studies and real life prospective case studies. The multiple case study validation showed that proposed decision support model has a clear impact on the decision-making process in SPLE adoption.