An Agile business process software development methodology

Çulha, Davut
An agile business process software development methodology is proposed, developed and tested in this research. To speed up the business process software development practices in the organization and to address the requirements more efficiently, an agile approach was adapted. Two new processes were developed using the new methodology. The improvement was assessed by utilizing nine older developments: A formula was developed in this research that estimates the development efforts for old business process software development projects. The motivation mainly was to efficiently gather desired requirements and decrease the development time. There are difficulties in applying agile practices to the domain: stakeholders of the business process software development deal with more than one project at the same time. Moreover the proposed methodology suggests a critical utilization of training that improves the gathering of quality requirements. Agile requirements gathering, periodic meetings, and incremental and iterative development are observed to be the building blocks of the proposed methodology during the studies for applying the methodology to two processes in an organization. A survey on business process software development methodologies is included. There are currently process development methodologies and limited adaptation work on agile approaches to process redesign. Such existing work does not define a specialized agile methodology for business process software development. In addition, the proposed methodology is examined based on the effort spent during the development. The examination is realized with the effort estimation formula. According to the formula, a 21% effort saving is realized with the proposed methodology compared with the traditional methodology.
Citation Formats
D. Çulha, “An Agile business process software development methodology,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2014.