Cloud computing effectiveness assessment /

Yarlıkaş, Serdar
A comprehensive model is presented for cloud computing effectiveness assessment. The model consists of technical, organizational, economic and external dimensions and addresses users as well as providers of various levels of cloud computing service. Independent and dependent characteristics of effectiveness are identified. Measures of each of the four dimensions of the model are defined and their assessment is presented in the form of footprint diagrams. In the research that led to the final model, after a detailed literature review, a large number of experts were interviewed and questionnaires were applied to construct the initial model. By applying factor and reliability analysis to the results of a survey of cloud computing organizations, the model was updated. Then, four qualitative exploratory case studies in 10 companies were carried out to finalize the model. The model was validated through four further confirmatory case studies. This model can be used for identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as benchmarking and comparing different organizations.
Citation Formats
S. Yarlıkaş, “Cloud computing effectiveness assessment /,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2014.