Monitoring historic urban landscapes : MoSA: a monitoring system for Ayvalık-depots region /

Özbayar, Gürem Fahriye
This thesis aims to review the studies made so far on systematic monitoring in urban context and develop a general methodology which has the potential to be adapted to every historic urban landscape. With the defined aim, a literature survey is carried out, and the key terms defined and used so far in monitoring methodology are studied. The key terms and the information gained through the literature survey are developed into a methodology proposal, while being applied to the case of Ayvalık-Depots Region. Monitoring, as part of a management system in a historic urban landscape, aims to understand and assess changes its cultural identity is subject to. This necessitates the assessment of authenticity and integrity of the values the historic urban landscape possess, as well as the external pressures active on the place -such as social and economic-, together with the effects and validity of the management activities. The process and system for monitoring is developed parallel with the defined framework, whereas the study is limited with the monitoring of present condition of the historic urban landscapes. The Conservation Project of Ayvalık-Depots Region, prepared within the scope of a course called REST 507-Design in Restoration 3 in Graduate Program in Restoration, Department of Architecture METU, 2005 is utilized as baseline and two monitoring missions in 2008 and 2012 are carried out. The developed methodology tried on the case study is presented, and the results are assessed.


A Framework for sustainable urban mobility in historic urban landscapes: a proposal for antalya kaleiçi
Uluç, Aynur; Bilgin Altınöz, Ayşe Güliz; Restoration in Department of Architecture (2014)
The main subject of the thesis is the mobility systems in historic urban landscapes. In this respect, the aim of the thesis is to provide “a framework for Sustainable Urban Mobility (SUM) in Historic Urban Landscapes (HULs)” together with the process, principles and tools that will solve the mobility problems while contributing to conservation and promotion its values and significance. In this regard, the thesis is structured mainly in two parts. In the first part, the current mobility systems, existing pro...
Revitalization of historic commercial areas through the main street program in U.S.A.: a case study from the boston main streets program
Esen, Sibel Yıldırım; Bilsel, Fatma Cânâ; Department of Architecture (2006)
Considering revitalization as a way of improving three interrelated aspects of quality of life including physical quality, social and economic welfare, this study sets out an evaluation framework to measure the success of implementations aiming to revitalize historic commercial places. This framework emerges from the qualities of built environments which are defined with reference to the normative urban design theory developed by Kevin Lynch. Urban qualities are defined with a comprehensive approach which t...
Construction techniques of traditional Uçhisar houses /
Tongal, Pınar Başak; Gökce, Fuat; Restoration in Department of Architecture (2014)
The aim of this study is to create comprehensive and reliable information about construction techniques of Uçhisar houses within construction processes. In order to that purpose, studies about history and general features of Cappadocia and Uçhisar were reviewed. In Cappadocia region, the development of residential settlements through history was surveyed from the previous studies. Gathered information from literature survey and site survey were assessed together and traditional houses which are representati...
Increasing walkability capacity of historic city centers : the case of Mersin
Belge, Züleyha Sara; Akkar Ercan, Zübeyde Müge; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2012)
Sustainability, livability and quality of life have become widely and in-depth discussed issues in the literature of urban zlanning and design. This study primarily aims to investigate the concept of walkability as a part of the literature on livability. To draw a wider theoretical framework for this study, it first seeks to answer the questions of what the terms of ‘livability’ and ‘quality of life’ mean, and what components they constitute. Then, it focuses on the concept of ‘walkability’ as one of the ma...
Understanding and assessing the republican heritage of Tire /
Bakım, Ebru; Gökce, Fuat; Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Department of Architecture (2017)
The thesis aims to understand and assess the values of an urban site which was created after the foundation of Republic. Tire, Izmir, is chosen as a case study for the study. The thesis aims to understand the different periods and the architectural heritage of these periods changing within the Republican Period. The different periods starting from the foundation of the Republic are analyzed and read through the Cumhuriyet Square and its surrounding area. The value assessment for the site is aimed to make a ...
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G. F. Özbayar, “Monitoring historic urban landscapes : MoSA: a monitoring system for Ayvalık-depots region /,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2014.