Data interoperability through federated semantic metadata registries

Sınacı, Ali Anıl
In this study, a unified methodology together with the supporting framework for the problem of data interoperability is introduced which brings together the power of metadata registries and semantic web technologies. A federated architecture of semantic metadata registries which are purely based on ISO/IEC 11179 standard leads to the Linked Open Data integration of data element repositories where each element can be uniquely identified, referenced and processed to enable the syntactic and semantic interoperability. Proposed interoperability architecture is applicable to every domain where information extraction and exchange is possible and is a requirement between applications. Although this study takes its motivation from the interoperability requirements between clinical research and clinical care domains focusing on postmarketing surveillance studies, a case study is also presented which applies the proposed solution for the interoperability of electronic business documents. In eHealth, the use of electronic health record systems in clinical care domain is rapidly increasing and vast amount of data, which is very valuable for clinical research, is accumulating in these systems. During the implementation and deployment of this study, the main objective is to enable automatic information extraction and exchange of data residing in the electronic health record systems of clinical care domain and the data residing in the electronic data capture systems of clinical research domain. As a result; the analysis, implementation and demonstration of the interoperability architecture through federated semantic metadata registries are fully performed to enable the secondary use of electronic health records for post market drug surveillance activities. In addition, the eBusiness case study presents that proposed framework enables automatic data extraction from electronic business documents with the use of semantic metadata registries while eliminating the burden of message translation between different document standards.
Citation Formats
A. A. Sınacı, “Data interoperability through federated semantic metadata registries,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2014.