Technical evaluation of synchronous interconnection between Mashriq Countries /

Uysal, Gökhan Yasin
The Electrical Interconnection among The Eight Countries Project (EIJLLPST Project) has been initiated by Mashriq countries (Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq) and Turkey. The objectives of the EIJLLPST Project are to investigate necessary investments to reinforce the existing interconnections and to increase transfer capacities between EIJLLPST countries. This study aims to evaluate the transfer capacities of the existing and planned interconnections between these countries through computer simulations. For this purpose, power system models of each country are obtained and combined. Then, load flow (including contingency analysis), short circuit, transient stability and eigenvalue analysis are conducted on EIJLLPST power system model. Technically acceptable transfer capacities among EIJLLPST countries are determined considering the system security. New interconnection lines and transmission investments needed for transmission system security and increasing transfer capacities among these countries are also discussed and presented.
Citation Formats
G. Y. Uysal, “Technical evaluation of synchronous interconnection between Mashriq Countries /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.