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Assessment of the effect of hydroelectric power plants' governor settings on low frequency inter area oscillations

Tor, O.B.
Cebeci, E.
Yilmaz, O.
Güven, Ali Nezih
The Turkish TSO (TEIAS) has been leading a project that aims the synchronous interconnected operation of the Turkish Power System and the ENTSO-E CESA (former UCTE) System. For this purpose, this study concentrates on the specific problems related to the electromechanical systems of large size hydroelectric power plants regarding low frequency inter area oscillations, which are prone to occur once the interconnected operation is established. The expected frequency of inter area oscillations after interconnected operation is close to 0.15 Hz, which is in the frequency range of the speed governing structures of turbines, as explained in the first two sections of the thesis. In the third section, the nonlinear turbine governor model used throughout the study is explained. In the following part, the governor parameter tuning study with regard to the defined performance objectives is explained. Afterwards, the effect of the retuned governor settings of the sample hydroelectric power plants on a simple multi machine power system is shown. Following that, the system wide effect of removing the sources of negative damping, which are strongly dependent on the governor settings of the major hydroelectric power plants of the Turkish Power System, is shown. In the final part, conclusions are made on the operation of the hydroelectric power plants regarding the frequency stability of the system after synchronous interconnected operation of the v Turkish Power System and the ENTSO-E CESA System.