Characterization of SAE 52100 bearing steel for finite element simulation of through-hardening process /

Müştak, Ozan
Through hardening is probably the most important heat treatment process for bearings as final geometrical and material characteristics of the final component are mainly determined in this step. Finite element simulation of heat treatment processes is stand out as a qualified solution for prediction of final properties of component due to advantages e.g. cost and time savings, over real-time furnace experiments. Heat treatment simulation needs accurately extracted material property database including thermo-physical and thermo-mechanical properties of the all phases as a function of temperature. However, only a fraction of these data are available for 100Cr6 (SAE 52100). The present study aimed to the determination of thermo-mechanical and thermo-metallurgical properties of 100Cr6 bearing steel, which are necessary for through hardening simulation, by using a combination of experimental and computational methods. Briefly, the study includes experimental determination of temperature dependent physical properties (e.g. thermal expansion coefficient), temperature dependent mechanical properties (e.g. flow curves, yield strengths, transformation strains, thermal strains), phase transformation kinetics, (e.g. TTT/CCT diagrams), critical temperatures (Ms, Mf, Bs, Ac1 and Ac3) and investigating the effect of stress on phase transformation. Thermal conductivity, heat capacity, elastic modulus, Poisson’s ratio, enthalpy and density values were calculated using physically based computational methods.
Citation Formats
O. Müştak, “Characterization of SAE 52100 bearing steel for finite element simulation of through-hardening process /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.