An Analysis of urban struggles in the process of practices of urban commoning: resistance on “uncommon ground”“in, for and beyond” İstanbul

Ergin, Nezihe Başak
The thesis aims to examine urban social oppositions, ways of resistance, their patterns and dynamics in Istanbul against urban transformation projects with the production of space having the central role and potentiality to generate these struggles. Through critical and radical urban and social opposition theories and related ideas of analysis, the study considers this as a process of “urban commoning –social- practices” for the “rights to the city”. The research covers the period which starts with the European Social Forum preparation process in 2010. Instead of focusing on an urban transformation project and related oppositions in a neighbourhood of the city, the study has focused on the patterns and dynamics of the urban oppositions in Istanbul which are highly fragmented. The research explores various appropriations of the city with an evaluation of distinct, common and even conflictual aspects as well as alliances, associations and tensions. In this respect, the thesis analyses tensions and attempts of togetherness between different groups, organisations and associations; particularly of active inhabitants, intellectuals and academic-activists both with their pioneering and obstructive roles in different contexts shaped by structural, political, and especially emotional factors.