Cultural production and urban locality in the fields of jazz and fashion design

İlkuçan, Altan
This study aims to analyze the relationship between cultural producers in Istanbul and the wider processes of neoliberal urban restructuring that takes in their surroundings. The study uses a Bourdieusian framework to uncover such relationships between cultural producers and external influences on their respective fields. By focusing on the case of two fields (jazz and fashion design) as located in Kuledibi, Galata, the study aims to establish a localized perspective to the relationship between the cultural producers and broader field of power. With 30 in-depth interviews with cultural producers and participant observation as the main data collection methods, the perspective of the cultural producers is reflected in their relationships with a multiplicity of actors within and outside their respective fields. This study tries to explicate both fields in order to uncover positions, and strategies as well as forms of symbolic profit in each field This study establishes the presence of an ‘artistic mode of production’ in a neoliberal background. This introduces new actors (corporate and real estate capital, as well as local government) to field of power, and its relationships (in the form of sponsorships or local state support for cultural activity) to fields of cultural production in question. Moreover, these relationships are mediated by the use of urban space, and cultural producers’ strategies are also contextualized in the urban space. Finally, despite the various interventions from a local political and business elite, each field (of cultural production) in this analysis manages to reflect the internal demands of their respective fields in formulating their strategies.
Citation Formats
A. İlkuçan, “Cultural production and urban locality in the fields of jazz and fashion design,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2013.