Effects of CO₂ saturation on the recovery of the heavy oil using steam injection EOR technique

Farid, Guluzade
Enhanced Oil Recovery processes include all methods that use external sources of energy and/or materials to recover oil that cannot be produced economically by conventional means. EOR processes can be classified as: thermal methods (in-situ combustion, cyclic steam injection, steam flooding), chemical methods (alkaline, polymer, foam, or surfactant/polymer injection), and miscible methods (CO2, nitrogen, hydrocarbon, or flue gas injection). Steam flooding involves continuous injection of steam to displace oil towards producing wells. Normal practice is to start with cyclic steam injection and to continue with steam flooding. The mechanisms of steam injection are heating oil thus reducing its viscosity and supplying pressure to drive the oil towards producing wells. In this study, to analyze the effects of CO2 saturation on the heavy oil recovery by steam injection is aimed. A synthetic model is built in Schlumberger’s software Petrel, by using basic properties (porosity, permeability, API gravity) of hypothetical field. vi Production scenarios are taken to be different for better comparison of recoveries. Sensitivity runs are conducted in Eclipse software. This study should not be compared with real field data since a hypothetical geological model is used. Therefore, no history match can be done in this case. By the end of the study, water injection implementation and steam flooding are found to be the most appropriate oil recovery techniques for this particular, hypothetical field in terms of both production and pressure support. Therefore, scenario 1 and scenario 6 are the best methods to be applied. By the end of time schedule average reservoir pressure for scenarios 1 and 6 are 650 psi and 464 psi respectively with 283 and 234 stb/d of production. Furthermore, for being more thorough, material balance was also conducted in IPM tool, called MBal for checking the consistency of the model. Thus, close pressure trend was obtained from material balance compared to simulation model.
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G. Farid, “Effects of CO₂ saturation on the recovery of the heavy oil using steam injection EOR technique,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.