Acoustical improvement of typical sport halls for multi-purpose use

Taghizadehvahed, Niloufar
Throughout history, the retail functions have undergone typological changes that transformed the experience and meaning of the shopping spaces. This thesis explores the architectural elements of covered shopping spaces, with a reference to place identity. In this regard, the shopping spaces from different periods of Iran and Turkey have been chosen as the cases of the study. As typical cases of traditional and modern shopping spaces, the great covered bazaars of Tabriz and Istanbul are compared with Tirajhe Shopping Mall in Tehran and Ankamall Shopping Mall in Ankara. The 19th century shopping galleries are examined as the western counterparts of Middle Eastern covered bazaars and precursors of modern shopping malls, for which Palais Royal in Paris and Galleria Umberto I in Naples are taken as cases in point. The primary aim of the study is to make a comparative analysis of the selected covered shopping spaces, from the viewpoint of their place characteristics and different experiences they provide for the users. The analysis is carried out in terms of urban context, size, spatial configuration, and functional organization. This study suggests to learn from traditional shopping spaces and integrate their spatial features with new elements. In this respect, the lost meaning of place will be reclaimed and the shopping spaces that are designed in this way become new areas for social and physical attractions.
Citation Formats
N. Taghizadehvahed, “Acoustical improvement of typical sport halls for multi-purpose use,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2015.