Raki glass packaging designs introduced into the Turkish market after the privatization in 2004: a study on designers’ practices in relation to design goals

Kadiroğlu, Selma
As of 2014, there are more than 70 rakı brands in the Turkish market which emerged after the privatization following the abolishment of the state monopoly in 2004; only four rakı brands were available beforehand. With the sharp increase in the number of brands, an intense market competition begun among the companies: They started extending their product lines and invested on packaging design by hiring design sources; therefore, packaging design has gained a significant role in product differentiation in the rakı market. This study aims to investigate the designers’ practices for developing glass packaging designs for rakı introduced into the Turkish market after the privatization in 2004, and to identify the design elements in relation to the design goals aimed to achieve. In this regard, the study surveys the glass packaging designs for rakı before and after the privatization, documents the development of rakı glass packaging historically, and presents the findings of the field study which covered five interviews conducted with the local designers of five different rakı brands. The conducted research revealed that while label design was observed as more prominent and significant aspect of glass packaging design in the past, with the impact of privatizaton, structural design has gained more importance. The study also discusses shared practices of designers observed in the design process by dividing into phases and the use of structural design and graphic design elements in relation to the design goals, and contributes to the process of further glass packaging design for rakı.


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S. Kadiroğlu, “Raki glass packaging designs introduced into the Turkish market after the privatization in 2004: a study on designers’ practices in relation to design goals,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.