Patterns of firm growth in the Turkish manufacturing industry

Töngür, Ünal
The main objectives of this dissertation are five-fold: First, to examine the relationship between employment generation and firm growth; second, to explore the impacts of firm and sector specific factors on firm growth by using conventional techniques; third, to discover the patterns of firm growth by using a novel statistical approach; fourth, to analyze the determinants of patterns of firm growth; and finally, to investigate the pattern-specific determinants of firm growth by taking into account the pattern selectivity. The main contributions of the thesis are to explore all possible empirical patterns of firm growth, to capture the significant factors that affect the patterns of firm growth and to examine the firm growth process based on the pattern selection and to investigate how the determinants affect firm growth with respect to different patterns. The results show that despite the fact that it is difficult to classify firms into those patterns through observable variables, patterns of firm growth exist and can be identified by statistical techniques. Dynamics of growth differ across patterns because the pattern selection matters for firm growth. Moreover, the growth process may differ by patterns, and theories of firm growth need to be tested according to the patterns of firm growth. In other words, predictions of a given theory may hold for only some specific patterns, nor for all firms. Our analysis shows that the analysis of growth patterns provides better insights to understand the dynamics of growth. This implies that policy-makers should pay attention to the growth patterns and life-cycles of firms.
Citation Formats
Ü. Töngür, “Patterns of firm growth in the Turkish manufacturing industry,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2015.