Turkish - Egyptian relations (1922-1956) and the impact of the free officers revolution

Öterbülbül, Selim
This thesis analyses the period of Turkish-Egyptian relations from 1922 until the June of 1956. Bilateral issues are presented in the form of a chronological narrative by containing the main theme of this study. Besides, this thesis also searches the impact of the Free Officers Revolution in Egypt on the bilateral relations by taking into consideration Turkey’s reactions and its impact on Egypt’s foreign policy during the formative period of Nasser’s leadership. Turkey and Egypt, which had some minor bilateral issues and a dispute over the Caliphate issue during the interwar period, have come face to face due to their gradually improved activism in the Middle East affairs after the Second World War. The course of problematic bilateral relations emerged once again within the struggle for regional leadership in the 1950s. This study points out that Turkey and Egypt had an exceptional period and a short-lived rapprochement following the Free Officers Revolution, although they had a problematic relation during the interwar period and a rivalry in 1950s. This thesis aims to look into the problematic background, the Tugay Affair and the Turkish-Egyptian quarrel over the Baghdad Pact and the Bandung Conference to understand the bilateral policies during the consolidation period of the new regime.


Turkish press and the Turkish-Greek relations (1946-1955)
Emen Gökatalay, Gözde; Boyar, Ebru; Department of International Relations (2017)
This thesis examined the role of the Turkish press in the course of the Turkish-Greek relations from 1946 to 1955. These two neighbors initially achieved an exceptional and unprecedented partnership to counter a perceived threat from the Soviet Union and its satellite states in a hostile atmosphere of the emerging Cold War. Over the course of the period, however, the golden age of the Turkish-Greek relations was waned, and these two partners gradually turned against each other. Using the most circulated and...
Turkish press and the early cold war (1945-1950)
Gökatalay, Semih; Boyar, Ebru; Department of Middle East Studies (2016)
This thesis investigated how Turkish press’ perceptions of the early Cold War were shaped from 1945 to 1950 by utilizing newspaper articles from the relevant period. The period at hand experienced Soviet demands from Turkey, Turkey’s drive to the West, and domestic political (i.e., transition to the multi-party system) and economic (i.e., transition to the liberal economy) changes. In this atmosphere, the Turkish press, which had organic links with politicians, had a vital role in shaping the domestic publi...
Turkish-Iranian relations in the post-arab spring period: a historical sociological/foreign policy analysis
MacGillivray, Iain William; Göçer Akder, Derya; Department of Middle East Studies (2017)
This thesis offers a Historical-Sociological (HS) and Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) of the development of Iranian-Turkish relations in the post-Arab Spring period from 2011-2016. This thesis seeks to explore the changes and continuities that have affected Turkish-Iranian relations by looking through the prism of Historical Sociology and Foreign Policy Analysis. Firstly, this thesis will explore the background to the Turkey-Iran relationship from 1979-2011 and outline the historical path dependencies that ha...
A comparative approach to national protectional law (1940-1956)
Erdemir, Ömer; Akgün, Saadet Seçil; Department of History (2005)
This thesis introduces a comparative history of National Protection Law of 1940 and 1956. It analyzes the two applications of the law, first, by the Republican People2s Party governments during World War II, and second, by the Democratic Party Government during the years between 1956 and 1960 in view of the general economic policies followed during both periods. It argues, in reference to the ideological struggle over Turkish economic development during the twentieth century, that the enactments and applica...
Syrian foreign policy from independence to the Baath Party's accession to power : 1946-1963
Salık, Nuri; Tür Küçükkaya, Özlem; Department of International Relations (2012)
In this thesis, pre-Baath period of Syrian foreign policy between 1946 and 1963 is analyzed. The main objective of this thesis is to examine the main characteristics of the Syrian foreign policy. This thesis argues that foreign policy perception of Syrian politicians regardless of their class, ideology and political orientations depended on historically rooted pragmatism in which interest calculations, shifting alliances and external patronage had special importance. In order to understand pragmatism in Syr...
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S. Öterbülbül, “Turkish - Egyptian relations (1922-1956) and the impact of the free officers revolution,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.