Heritage conservation via social sustainability in historic urban landscapes: principles, strategies and proposals for sakarya quarter in Ankara/Turkey /

Güner, Beril
Historic urban landscapes comprehend the natural and built environment as well as the social and cultural practices, values, meanings and identification of the communities that interact with them. In this sense, historic urban landscapes, with their entire tangible and intangible characteristic, have been shaping and evolving continuously by the communities and have been transferred to present generations. Thus, providing the sustainability of the communities is necessary to provide the continuance of historic urban landscapes in heritage conservation. However, some major forces such as rapid urbanization, industrialization, and mass tourism endanger the relationship between communities and historic urban landscapes as well as their sustainability to future generations. The aim of the study is to propose an alternative conservation approach in historic urban landscapes by linking the heritage conservation and the continuity of the communities that engaged with them via the concept of “social sustainability”. Following a multi-dimensional study on theoretical and onsite researches and evaluations, the study determines principles, strategies and proposals as a result. A representative example of historic urban landscapes that encounters changes in physical and social structure which endanger the sustainability of its current inhabitants is selected as the case study in this thesis: Sakarya Quarter in Ulus, Ankara. The study determines general guidelines, tools and process driven by the theoretical framework on the concept of social sustainability and its role in heritage conservation. In the light of this framework, the thesis reveals the general characteristic and values of Sakarya Quarter and the relationships with its inhabitants. As a result of general assessments on the site, the thesis proposes an alternative conservation approach for Sakarya Quarter by defining some principles, strategies and actions in order to provide the development of the community and ensure their sustainability for the next generations.