Design and realization of A 0.5-5 GHz cascaded feedback amplifier

Korkmaz, İbrahim Cem
Wideband amplification is one of the most examined study areas in microwave engineering. In this thesis work, 2-stage amplifier operating in decade bandwidth of 0.5-5 GHz is designed, simulated and demonstrated using two different discrete transistors. Designed amplifier is based on cascaded feedback amplifier concept. In order to flatten the gain of the designed amplifier, feedback topology is applied to both stages. Primarily, first stage is designed and demonstrated with flat gain of 7.8±1.2 dB and minimum return loss of 8.2 dB. After the second stage is designed, cascaded structure is formed and fabricated. Designed cascaded feedback amplifier has a flat gain of 17.1±1.8 dB and minimum return loss of 8 dB. Also, converting the schematic design of the amplifier into EM analysis in order to make a realistic simulation is explained in details in this thesis study.
Citation Formats
İ. C. Korkmaz, “Design and realization of A 0.5-5 GHz cascaded feedback amplifier,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.