Navigation and control of an unmanned sea surface vehicle

Kumru, Murat
In this study, navigation and control algorithms for unmanned sea surface vehicles are investigated. For this purpose, firstly the mathematical model of a sea surface vehicle with two propellers providing stable maneuvering capabilities is constructed considering Newton-Euler equations. The next phase is to design a suitable navigation algorithm which integrates the solutions of “Inertial Navigation System (INS)” and external aids such as “Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)” and magnetometer. At this step, different loosely coupled integration algorithms are developed, and their performances are compared. After that, a model boat is assembled with necessary electrical equipment and driving system as a test platform for the navigation implementations. The results of the navigation algorithm obtained by processing real data collected from the model boat are presented. Meanwhile, the corrected navigation solution is also utilized within a parallel independent study aiming to identify the real parameters of the mathematical model of the boat. Finally, the design of various autopilot algorithms is studied taking the improved mathematical model into account. LQR and “Feedback Linearization” based controllers are realized for this job. The results of the controllers are provided and compared.
Citation Formats
M. Kumru, “Navigation and control of an unmanned sea surface vehicle,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.