Reflections on teacher identity: a case study of novice language teachers

Balban, Sena
This study aimed to explore how three novice teachers viewed their teacher identity in their first of teaching and what prominent elements they related to these views in a higher education institution in Ankara, Turkey. In this sense, a qualitative case study was conducted by gathering data through two major tools: semi-structured interviews and classroom observations. During 22-week data collection period, 7 rounds of interviews (21 interviews around 400 minutes) were held with the participant teachers, which were audio- recorded and transcribed verbatim. The participant teachers’ classrooms were also observed for 4 times for per participant (a total of 12 observations) and extensive field notes were taken. The data were organized regularly in separate files and immense readings were done. Coding and defining themes followed this process. The findings revealed two themes for each participant’s case. In Kumsal’s case, rejection of the teacher identity and obsession with authority were the main themes emerged, while Ayla’s case involved seeking constant approval and identity transition. Gamze’s case was themed under age and professionalism, and despair and blaming self. Lastly, the participant teachers reported political capitals, student profile, workload, standardized tests and curriculum policy, and professional development opportunities were salient elements related to their teacher identity views.


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S. Balban, “Reflections on teacher identity: a case study of novice language teachers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.