Dynamic analysis for complex event processing

Özcan, Muhammet Oğuz
Analysis facilities are developed in the course of this thesis for a domain-specific real-time and rule-based language along with a supporting tool. Such analysis facilities are required due to the need for investigating the functional correctness and stringent timing properties expected to take place in the software developed through this language. An early version of this language was developed during a Ph.D. study for the domain of fault management in mission critical systems. Five program analysis facilities are proposed and tested with randomly generated numbers of events and rules. Also, discussions about static and dynamic analysis in the event processing domain are presented along with a comparison of related existing tools. The comparisons of existing tools include the two different implementations of the similar design for interpreters for the language. The different implementations involved the languages C++ and Python.
Citation Formats
M. O. Özcan, “Dynamic analysis for complex event processing,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.