Case-based reasoning model for the management of design related changes in design-build construction projects

Özgüneş, Aydın
Project changes constitutes to an important problem in construction projects which are unavoidable and may appear at any stage of the construction. Most of the time, project changes cause conflicts between the parties and end with change orders or claims that lead to time and money losses. Moreover, design related changes, which can be defined as variations related with the design process of the construction project, are referred as one of the most frequently seen project change types in construction projects. Especially in the design-build procurement type, design related changes lead to conflicts between contractor and architect because of the direct relationship between contractor and architect based on the contract. In this research, a knowledge-based decision support model for the management of the design related project changes is proposed. The model is based on case-based reasoning approach. It will be used by the contractor to identify the conflicts with the architect because of project changes that may occur in the design-build projects. The aim of the model is to present the contractor possible effects of the change on time and cost, responsible party in the situation and related contract information depending on standard type of contract between contractor and architect defined in the model. The database of the model consists of 227 architectural changes which were collected via a survey conducted with professionals of 6 large-sized housing projects in Turkey. At the end, the model was tested with the help of a usability measurement survey.
Citation Formats
A. Özgüneş, “Case-based reasoning model for the management of design related changes in design-build construction projects,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.