TZAR – time zone based approximation to ring: an autonomous protection switching algortihm for globally resilient optical transport networks

Düzgün, Fatih
Widespread deployment of new generation high-speed networks, developments in large capacity DWDM technologies, and continuous demand for increasingly resilient global Internet services necessitates a revision on optical transport networks. Considered to be one of the most promising recent phenomena in that sense, OTN is evolving to become a major core switching platform. In this thesis, we briefly present the progress in optical transport networking from hardware architecture and software hierarchy points of views. Then, trends in protection switching are pointed out through a peculiar taxonomy on computational, topological, and efficiency aspects. Finally, an autonomous, low complexity and inter-disciplinary (incorporating automatic protection switching of optical networks with distance vector routing of mobile ad-hoc networks) lightpath recovery algorithm is offered based on time-zone awareness of OTN nodes to fulfill the basic requirements expected from mesh optical networks. The proposed algorithm is evaluated with simulation in comparison to two well-known algorithms.