Combating climate change: critical evaluation of climate change action plans on urban scale

Kocakuşak, Diren
Climate change and global warming have potential to evolve into one of the most devastating catastrophes in the history of humankind. Several devastating effects of climate change are already visible. Currently, there are both international and national efforts going on for the solution of this problem. Leaving some exceptional cases out of the topic, it is hard to say any of these actions lead to successful global results yet. Urban areas have increasingly important position in both adaptation and mitigation activities. With current consumption habits and greenhouse gases emission levels, cities are vital part of this problem. Besides, for several opportunities they provide, cities have potential to be solution of this problem as well. Although discussions are generally concentrated on national commitments and targets, it can be argued that it is not possible to achieve these targets without effective city level action. This research will be elaborated on climate change action plans at urban scale. Climate change action plans, are framework documents which outline the specific policies and activities to deal with this phenomenon. In order to evaluate climate change action planning process, international guidelines for preparing climate change action plans will be researched. The study will involve the assessment of Chicago Climate Action Plan with regard to determined international guidelines. Case study of this research will be the assessment of Gaziantep Municipality’s Climate Action Plan. The importance of this research is to reveal successes and weaknesses of this plan, which entered into force four years ago.


The use of indicators to assess urban regeneration performance for climate-friendly urban development: the case of Yokohama Minato Mirai 21
Balaban, Osman (Springer, Dordrecht, 2013-01-01)
Climate change is one of the greatest challenges in the twenty-first century. Immediate actions are required to slow down climate change and address its impacts on human life and settlements. Cities can play crucial roles in this respect, as they not just contribute to causes of climate change but also are under severe threat from its impacts. Urban regeneration projects can provide opportunities to make cities more climate-friendly and less vulnerable. However, the potential role of urban regeneration in t...
The level of awareness and response mechanisms of the actors about the impacts of climate change on tourism, the case of Antalya
Zengin, Öznur; Eraydın, Ayda; Department of City and Regional Planning (2009)
The concept of “climate change” is, nowadays, seen as a global problem of the whole world. It has impacts on the economic, social, and environmental life of human beings, and also on the local life. As one of the sectors that are important for the local economies, “tourism” is vulnerable to climate change due to being sensitive to the factors of climate and weather. Therefore, to discuss the relation between the climate change and tourism is the aim of this thesis. In this regard, the context of “the awaren...
Climate change and future proofing infrastructure: Etimesgut, Ankara case study
Oruç, Sertaç; Yılmaz, Ayşen; Yücel, İsmail; Department of Earth System Science (2018)
This study examines the potential impacts of climate change and land use/cover change; investigates how to incorporate these changes into urban stormwater network design. Rainfall analysis with stationary and nonstationary approach for observed and future conditions is performed for the (1950-2015 period) observed data and projections (2015-2098 period) for Ankara province, Turkey. Daily projections are disaggregated to finer scales and used for future period the analysis. Nonstationary Generalized Extreme ...
An Assessment on the link between sustainability and urban form : the case of Gaziantep
Yılmaz, Şeyda; Kayasü, Serap; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2014)
Sustainability ensures a better quality of life and more sustainable world environment now and in the future. Our climate is constantly changing due to some human induced factors. These changes have negative effects on the environment and human life. Lasting solutions to this global problem can only be achieved by sustainability. Climate change is acknowledged as a serious environmental problem. In recent years, researchers have found a close link between climate change and cities. On the one hand, it is a ...
Adaptation to Climate Change Barriers in the Turkish Local Context
Balaban, Osman (2015-11-01)
Climate change is one of the greatest environmental challenges that we face today. A certain level of climate change is now unavoidable. Along with mitigation efforts to curb further global warming, we have to take actions to adapt to the changing climatic conditions. Cities are on the front lines of climate change impacts. Therefore, the role of cities in climate change adaptation has been widely acknowledged in the last two decades. There are various obstacles that prevent city governments to develop adap...
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D. Kocakuşak, “Combating climate change: critical evaluation of climate change action plans on urban scale,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.