Energy politics of Ukraine: domestic and international dimensions

Stelmakh, Anastasiya
This PhD thesis aims to analyze domestic and international dimensions of Ukraine’s energy politics. The thesis focuses both on the developments at domestic level as well as Ukraine’s energy cooperation with the European Union and the Russian Federation. The main research problem of this dissertation is to determine the causal links between domestic and international factors as well as their impacts on the energy politics of on energy politics of Ukraine under Putnam’s two-level game approach. The thesis also aims to clarify the role of the oligarchic groups, who represent Russian interests in Ukraine. This thesis comprises seven main chapters. After the introduction, the second chapter develops the theoretical framework of the thesis by discussing the explanatory powers of IR theories and Putnam’s two-level analytical approach. The third chapter focuses on the dynamics of Ukraine’s energy policy during the period between 1991-2010. The fourth and fifth chapter discusses energy policy under the presidencies of Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych. The sixth chapter analyses the shift in energy politics after Euro-Maidan events. The seventh chapter presents comparative analysis the Ukranian case with the Belarusian one. The concluding chapter discusses the main findings of this thesis.


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A. Stelmakh, “Energy politics of Ukraine: domestic and international dimensions,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2016.