Aerodynamic and structural design and analysis of an electric powered mini UAV

Demircan, Alpay
The aim of this study is to describe the aerodynamic and structural design of an electric powered portable Mini UAV. Conceptual design, structural design and analysis of the wing and detail design phases of the UAV are presented in the study. Fixed wing mini UAV configuration with fixed – pitch propeller has been chosen for the design. In order to provide multi-mission capability, payload of the UAV is designed as a replaceable mission compartment. System requirements and mission profiles of the airplane are adopted from competitor analysis and critical design parameters are defined to perform flight performance calculations in the conceptual design phase. A dynamic thrust estimation model is proposed for the electric motor and fixed – pitch propeller propulsion system. Endurance and range calculations for a battery powered aircraft are also described in the study. Components of the aircraft structure are designed using composite materials. In order to decide structural layout of the wing, CFD analysis of the wing is performed for limit load condition and aerodynamic loading is determined. Structural analysis of the wing is performed for two different structural layouts by using the aerodynamic load determined in CFD analysis. I spar and tubular spar configurations are considered for the wing structure and comparison of stress loads on the structural components of the wing for these two different design configurations is presented. Overall structural layout, portability and ease of transportation requirements are considered in the detailed structural design phase. Manufacturing and assembly issues are also taken into account and at the end of this study, ready to manufacture design is presented.
Citation Formats
A. Demircan, “Aerodynamic and structural design and analysis of an electric powered mini UAV,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.