Construction of reality in a virtual world: the case of ‘world of warcraft’

Yolgörmez, Ceyda
This thesis provides an examination of the representations of MOBESE revealed in the print media. MOBESE portrayal is evaluated from an evaluative perspective seeking to know to what end do these representations given in the print media serve; furthermore; to amplify where MOBESE surveillance stand in the process of constructing security cultures. This research is conducted in terms of print media articles downsized to MOBESE-related items in four selected newspaper articles published between the years of 2008-2015. A content analysis was used in order to determine predominant themes in representations of MOBESE in the print media. Based on this analysis, this study offers major three themes; panopticism and police, crime control and fear, and, infringements of privacy. It is concluded that MOBESE installation and its expansion is advocated in the print media with these three themes in order to provide an increase in social control which constructs security cultures through video-surveillance.
Citation Formats
C. Yolgörmez, “Construction of reality in a virtual world: the case of ‘world of warcraft’,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.