Authenticity in house museums: a tool for the reinterpretation of architectural space

Uz, Melek Pınar
This thesis is a critical inquiry into the term “authenticity” in the relationship between the architectural aspects of museum spaces and the display context. By reinterpreting the expanded definitions and conceptualizations in the fields of art, museology and preservation and conservation studies, authenticity in architecture refers to all the architectural qualities, forming the physical and spiritual constitution of an architectural product. The aim of this study, in this sense, is to reintroduce authenticity as a crucial tool not only for the comprehension of spatial, historical, architectural aspects and qualities of existing spaces, but also in architectural research and discourse in further design processes and spatial reformations. The focus of this study is house museums, which are conceived as unique architectural entities that provide a comprehensive understanding of authenticity in architecture. House museums, as valuable architectural artifacts, will be investigated in a search for authenticity in architecture regarding its significance in the preservation and representation of architectural knowledge obtained from the actual source.
Citation Formats
M. P. Uz, “Authenticity in house museums: a tool for the reinterpretation of architectural space,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2016.