Development of a mobile health acceptance model: an empirical investigation on physicians

Sezgin, Emre
The study aims to investigate physicians’ intentions towards using mobile health (mHealth) applications. In order to understand and to reveal the influencing factors, a systematic method was followed. At the first phase, a literature research was conducted to identify studies in eHealth and mHealth domains. Literature research helped to reach to the studies about adoption and acceptance of health information systems by healthcare providers, employing behavioral acceptance theories. Following that, the conceptual model was developed using behavioral theories. Testing of the model completed by using explanatory sequential mixed method. Quantitative stage included a structured survey (questionnaire), and it was followed by a qualitative stage was completed by focus group interviews. Reliability test, confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling were used in the analysis of quantitative data. Contextual analysis, memoing and coding methods were used to analyze focus group interviews. Pilot studies were conducted in order to assess the reliability, integrity and context of the questionnaire of quantitative stage, and to assess understandability of the questions of qualitative stage. The results of the study revealed the significant and non-significant influences on mHealth use by the physicians. The results were evaluated in two categories (user physicians and non-user physicians). The relations of factors in the model were supported with the qualitative insight. It was found that behavioral intention was influenced by PE and PI for users, and EE and TT for non-user physicians. The findings of the study expected present valuable insight about factors affecting healthcare providers’ use of mobile health applications. The implications of the study would contribute to the health informatics literature, as well as to assist managers and the system developers of mobile health applications in order to understand user needs and to develop effective systems.
Citation Formats
E. Sezgin, “Development of a mobile health acceptance model: an empirical investigation on physicians,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2016.