Determination of photon momentum transfer between different mediums using interferometry of an angled silica fiber filament

Özgönül, Ekin
There is a long standing dilemma about the value of photon momentum in dielectric media. Two rivaling views differ on both the magnitude and the direction of momentum but both are seemingly sound from a theoretical standpoint. Experimental work done also has evidence favoring both Abraham and Minkowski theories with different experiments supporting one of them. Aim of this thesis is to measure the deflection of a silica fiber filament with an angled end face and measure the displacement resulting from the momentum transfer between the fiber and air interface. The results found are within the error margins predicted by the Minkowski theory. Since the error margins are relatively large, the results are not conclusive enough to disprove the Abraham theory, however they are in strong favor of the Minkowski theory. 


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E. Özgönül, “Determination of photon momentum transfer between different mediums using interferometry of an angled silica fiber filament,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.