Dynamic voxelization to aid illumination of real-time scenes

Yalçıner, Bora
In this thesis, we focus on approximating indirect illumination on real-time applications to visualize realistic scenes. In order to approximate indirect illumination we provide a fast sparse voxel tree structure for highly dynamic scenes. Our system tries to cover traditional real-time animation methods including dynamic non-deforming objects and objects that deform with bone transformations. The voxel scene data structure is designed for fully dynamic objects and eliminates the voxelization of the dynamic objects per frame which in turn facilitates efficient realistic rendering. We combine this new scene information structure with the widely used real-time rendering techniques and these techniques’ data structures such as shadow mapping and deferred rendering to provide an efficient cone ray-casting algorithm that achieves global illumination in real-time. 
Citation Formats
B. Yalçıner, “Dynamic voxelization to aid illumination of real-time scenes,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.