Multi-camera video surveillance : detection, occlusion handling, tracking and event recognition

Akman, Oytun
In this thesis, novel methods for background modeling, tracking, occlusion handling and event recognition via multi-camera configurations are presented. As the initial step, building blocks of typical single camera surveillance systems that are moving object detection, tracking and event recognition, are discussed and various widely accepted methods for these building blocks are tested to asses on their performance. Next, for the multi-camera surveillance systems, background modeling, occlusion handling, tracking and event recognition for two-camera configurations are examined. Various foreground detection methods are discussed and a background modeling algorithm, which is based on multi-variate mixture of Gaussians, is proposed. During occlusion handling studies, a novel method for segmenting the occluded objects is proposed, in which a top-view of the scene, free of occlusions, is generated from multi-view data. The experiments indicate that the occlusion handling algorithm operates successfully on various test data. A novel tracking method by using multi-camera configurations is also proposed. The main idea of multi-camera employment is fusing the 2D information coming from the cameras to obtain a 3D information for better occlusion handling and seamless tracking. The proposed algorithm is tested on different data sets and it shows clear improvement over single camera tracker. Finally, multi-camera trajectories of objects are classified by proposed multi-camera event recognition method. In this method, concatenated different view trajectories are used to train Gaussian Mixture Hidden Markov Models. The experimental results indicate an improvement for the multi-camera event recognition performance over the event recognition by using single camera.
Citation Formats
O. Akman, “Multi-camera video surveillance : detection, occlusion handling, tracking and event recognition,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.