Group eye tracking

Deniz, Ozan
Social interaction relies on information obtained from the eyes to a large extent. However, most of the current eye movement research apply experiments where participants are recorded individually in separate rooms. Those experiments help explaining and model human visual system, individual saccade behavior and fixations under certain conditions. But they lack of explaining the social role of the eye movements. In this study, we design and develop a tool for analyzing the role of eye movements in social communication. In order to measure the role of eye movements in social cognition, we have developed a system called “Group Eye Tracking (GET)”. The software infrastructure of the GET is related to the network infrastructure of client machines, data communication among group members and data collection during the experiment. In this thesis, we describe the details about creating stimuli and designing group conditions running on the software infrastructure and report the analysis of group eye movement data. 
Citation Formats
O. Deniz, “Group eye tracking,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.