A New active control application for reduction of environmental noise in open spaces

Ülgen, Serkan
Today, rapid development of urban and industrial areas, growing motorway, airway and railway networks together with other sources, bring out noise as one of the major environmental problems. Studies show that one of the most annoying noise sources is the traffic noise in the cities. Sound barriers are conventional solutions applied to control traffic noise. However, the construction cost of these barriers, their aesthetical qualities and how they contribute to urban qualities are questionable. Today’s modern tools offering higher computation power, greater ability of collecting precise data for real time audio processing, drastically increased the application possibilities of Active Noise Control (ANC) in different scales including but not limited to personal protection, HVAC systems, automotive and aerial vehicle cabins, medical imaging and lastly in urban scale. In this thesis, ANC is proposed as a method to be applied to open spaces or as an alternative, a performance increasing add on to sound barriers to control the environmental noise and decrease its negative effects on human health. 


KOŞALAY, İLHAN; Ozkaya, Derya (2017-10-01)
This study is a part of a refurbishment project, which renews the hydro-mechanical speed governor of a hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) with a new digital one. Based on the previous study of the project, which covers the validation of the HEPP model, the simulation studies implemented in Matlab/Simulink environment are conducted to design the best controller philosophy for the digital speed governor controller. In order to be able to give satisfactory response to the load frequency control of the power syst...
Turbomachinery Noise Radiation through the Engine Exhaust (TURNEX)
Özyörük, Yusuf(2005-1-01)
Research is needed to develop innovative concepts and enabling technologies to reduce aeroengine noise at source. Turbomachinery noise radiating from the bypass and core nozzles is becoming the dominant noise source on modern aircraft, but, while recent EU research programmes have made significant progress in reducing both the generation of turbbmachinery noise and the radiation of noise from the intake, little work has been conducted on reducing the radiation of turbomachinery noise from exhaust nozzles. ...
Evaluating Rail Passengers Sector in Turkey
Ekici, Üsame; Tüydeş Yaman, Hediye; Department of Civil Engineering (2022-1)
With the rapid development of railways in Turkey, the research of railway passenger demand forecasting has gained much importance in the recent years. Passenger demand forecasting for transport services is essential for better management and better resource planning. In this study, a time-series-model was established using Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) forecasting method and then a regression model was formed to forecast the intercity railway passenger flow in Turkey. The daily passenger...
Development of a Bridge Inspection and Management Project
Akgül, Ferhat (2010-09-24)
A research project is undertaken for the combined inspection and management of a pilot group of road bridges in Turkey based on the development of a bridge management system (BMS) for the General Directorate of Highways. The pilot study consists of visual inspections of 200 bridges and detailed inspections of 10 bridges. Visual inspections are planned to be carried out by photogrammetric techniques while detailed inspections will include techniques such as strength determination using probe test systems, ul...
A Review on Sustainability in School Facilities through the Perspective of Architects
Yılmaz, Deniz Derya; Tanyer, Ali Murat (2018-11-16)
As one of the most important items on the agenda of many countries, sustainability necessitates integrating environmental, economic, and social factors into a wide range of areas. Schools can create a unique platform for the sustainability pathway and foster a bridge between theory and practice by harmonizing education and environmentally responsive design. The purpose of the paper is to review the state of art on the application of sustainability in school facilities through the perspective of architects. ...
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S. Ülgen, “A New active control application for reduction of environmental noise in open spaces,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.