Re-structuring a university health related physical activity course with technology: a design based research

Semiz, Kıvanç
The purpose of this study was to investigate the restructuring process of a university health-related physical activity course with technology and its impact on teaching & learning practices. Using Design-based Research approach, data were collected in 5 semesters with applying the technology integration strategies iteratively. Beginning with Needs Assessment (Spring 2012-13), it continued with First Pilot (Fall 2013-14) and Second Pilot (Spring 2013-14), and the process ended with Improvements of Design (Summer 2013-14) and Implementation (Fall 2014-15). Data were collected through class observations, field notes, and interviews with the students and the instructor. Thematic content analyses were done with Nvivo software. Data and researcher triangulation were done for reliability and validity. As a result, five themes emerged which the technology-enhanced design had an impact on Classroom Management (1), Data Management (2), Motivation (3), Workload (4) and Differentiated Learning (5). Findings indicated that technology enhancement would contribute the quality of health-related physical activity courses and the impact of technology integration was documented in detail.