Narrating past places to present viewers: presentation of archaeological sites as contemporary (re)constructs, the case of Labraunda /

Kepenek, Banu
The main subject of this thesis is the narration and presentation of archaeological sites which are past places to today’s viewers. The main purpose of this study is to narrate the past places with and as preserving its meaning and spirit. Those places are the proofs of ancient lives; that’s the reason why it is so important to understand and preserve them today and in the future. The study discusses what should be done while presenting and re-narrating, which can be called as a re-construction, the past places and its neighbourhood, based on their meanings and spirit in every period, in their re-discovery phase and today. In this direction, some methods are developed which can be used for preserving archaeological sites with their meaning and spirit and bringing them to future. The main problem about narrating, understanding and bringing archaeological sites to future is that the current presentation projects defined by current laws and regulations in Turkey are only about meeting some requirements of the visitors and ignore or do not mention the meaning, spirit and values of these sites. This study contains two main parts. The study includes theoretical and conceptual principles and this framework is supported with a case study. Theoretical and conceptual background and principles of presentation of archaeological sites, the meaning and spirit of the places are mentioned in the first part. The second part is built on defining some strategies, principles and a methodology vi about understanding and narrating a past place with its meaning and spirit, in the scope of the case study and in the light of the theoretical basis revealed in the first part. Labraunda is selected for the case study because the place had gone through lots of periods and has different meanings, values and spirit. The research is finalized with defining the strategies and principles about narrating that case study to present viewers with its meaning and spirit, and a visitor scenario is proposed for narrating the meaning and spirit of this place. 
Citation Formats
B. Kepenek, “Narrating past places to present viewers: presentation of archaeological sites as contemporary (re)constructs, the case of Labraunda /,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2016.