Presentation of a concealed archaeological site: the case of Zeugma

Gündüz Çetinkaya, Ezgi
This study focuses on the presentation of a concealed archaeological site. Seeing as the first and most dominant perception for a most living creature. When it comes to the perception of an archaeological site, it has priority overseeing, hearing, sniffing or touching senses. It is naturally difficult to perceive something that cannot be seen, therefore, it is equally difficult to present a concealed archaeological site. Zeugma, an area where the mentioned difficulty becomes concrete, is an example of an archaeological area that has been concealed. The reasons behind the situation is that the water accumulated in the Birecik dam reservoir covers an important part of the city and the lack of durability of structural stone that the remains could not be revealed and exhibited. In addition to these features, the Zeugma archaeological site was chosen as a sample study area in consideration of its values and potentials. The study consists of three main parts. The first part covers the investigation of the theoretical background, principles, and objectives of the presentation concept, and the investigation and evaluation of current presentation techniques and tools to eliminate the obstacle of an archaeological site that is concealed, and which is visually inaccessible. In the second part, the history of the Zeugma archaeological site, the excavation and conservation processes and the present situation of the site were investigated, and the values, problems, and potentials were determined and evaluated as a site to be presented. In the last part of the study, regarding the theoretical background established, the presentation principles aiming at the effective presentation of Zeugma, a concealed archaeological site, were determined. Besides, the proposals, consisting of the scenario routes, the architectural program, the appropriate presentation techniques and tools for a concealed archaeological site has been prepared as a preliminary project.
Citation Formats
E. Gündüz Çetinkaya, “Presentation of a concealed archaeological site: the case of Zeugma,” Thesis (M.Arch.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Architecture., Middle East Technical University, 2019.