Place and protest: the “occupy gezi movement” in Ankara

Şensönmez, Gökhan
This thesis analyzes the occupy movement within the example of Gezi in terms of place and protest. The term occupy movement indicats a contradictory couple of static and dynamic strategies. While the literature attends this new wave of mobilizations through the lens of 'occupy' alone, the essential component 'movement' is neglected. Accordingly, the existing works on Gezi mainly study Gezi Park that overshadows the experiences of a movement spread to nation-scale. To be able to shed light to these experiences, the movement and changing dynamics of protest and identity in place, this thesis studies the contention at Ankara, namely at Kızılay Square, Kuğulu Park and various neighborhoods. 
Citation Formats
G. Şensönmez, “Place and protest: the “occupy gezi movement” in Ankara,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.