Damage analysis and assessment in bridge like structures due to high explosive blast load

Erdolu, Ömer
In recent years, number of explosion attacks on civilian structures is on rise. Fast methods for damage analysis of civilian structures exposed to external blast loads are especially important in the preliminary design stage of structures to implement frequent design changes to come up with more resistant structures. Single degree of freedom (SDOF) approach is a preferable method for fast damage analysis of structures exposed to blast loads. In this thesis, a new damage level calculation tool for external blast loaded bridge-like-structures is developed based on the SDOF approach. Case studies are performed for two concrete columns with different cross-sections. For the verification of the developed tool, comparison of the results obtained by the tool is performed with the results obtained by the explicit finite element solver AUTODYN and SDOF solver RC BLAST. For the assessment of the damage level in AUTODYN analyses, existence of non-eroded elements in any section is checked. If elements are eroded throughout the whole cross-section, the structure is assumed not to sustain any load. Results show that the developed tool and RC Blast yield similar results for the failure explosive mass. It is also seen that if same side-on overpressure levels are used in the developed tool as determined by the AUTODYN analysis, failure explosive masss predicted by the developed code and AUTODYN agree considerably well.  
Citation Formats
Ö. Erdolu, “Damage analysis and assessment in bridge like structures due to high explosive blast load,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.