Forward-looking long-wave infrared image based prescreener for landmine detection

Doğan, Aylin
Infrared imagery is widely used in many applications in both civilian and military areas. In landmine detection, the goal is to detect the anomalies between mine surface and soil from variation of reflected/emitted thermal radiation. In this thesis, various types of anomaly detection techniques of IR are investigated and the feasibility of these techniques for use in landmine detection is analysed. Additionally, effects of parameters for algorithms are compared and the parameters are optimized for increasing detection accuracy. Furthermore, fusion of the algorithms is performed to reduce False Alarm Rate (FAR). We also prepare an experimental setup to reflect the effects of environmental changes on FLIR imagery recording. Soil and various types of landmine mock-ups are also examined in this setup. Finally, all anomalies are mapped into local coordinate space for indicating possible landmines locations.  
Citation Formats
A. Doğan, “Forward-looking long-wave infrared image based prescreener for landmine detection,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2017.