Impact of a badminton course designed for common and specialized content knowledge of prospective teachers

Devrilmez, Erhan
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of badminton content knowledge intervention on pre-service teachers’ common and specialized content knowledge. Quasi-experimental design with purposefully selected experiment and comparison groups was applied for this study. Experimental group comprised 38 preservice teachers from a physical education teacher education (PETE) program at a university in Turkey. The comparison group included 36 preservice teachers from another university having a similar context with the experimental group in terms of student selection process. Experimental group followed a 10-week badminton content knowledge intervention which was designed according to Ward’s content knowledge framework (Ward, 2009a). Comparison group participants followed their regular badminton course at their PETE program. A validated badminton content knowledge test was developed and applied to both experimental and comparison groups before and after the badminton courses. At the end of the intervention, 12 experimental group participants were interviewed. Mixed ANOVA was used for statistical analysis of content knowledge test. Interview data were analyzed with content analysis method. Findings indicated a significant increase in common content and specialized content knowledge level of experimental and comparison group participants from pre to posttest (p<.05). Moreover, experimental group participants’ common and specialized content knowledge gains from pre to posttest was higher than the comparison group participants’ related content knowledge levels (p<.05). Content analysis of interview data indicated four themes; 1) enjoyment, 2) content knowledge development, 3) learning how to teach, and 4) instructor’s content knowledge level. In conclusion, designing badminton course by the Ward’ content knowledge framework was effective for the PETE students common and specialized content knowledge development. Physical activity/sports courses in the PETE program should be designed according to this framework, and the professional subject matter content knowledge of the instructors of those courses should be re-visited. 
Citation Formats
E. Devrilmez, “Impact of a badminton course designed for common and specialized content knowledge of prospective teachers,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2016.