Israel’s policy responses to egypt in the post-Mubarak era

Özgüler, Büşra N
In this study, Israel’s policy responses to Egypt in the post-Mubarak era is examined though adoption of the defensive realist perspective. This study endeavors to explain Israel’s strategic silence in conjuncture with its changing threat perceptions and, by extension, its seemingly fluctuating levels of anxiety. By analyzing the discourse of Israeli political and military leaders, it is revealed that Israel perceived the events in Egypt negatively within the environment of uncertainty. At the same time, considering the country’s objective of maintaining national security and strategic interests, Israel preferred policy of silence during the period of the Egyptian Revolution and its aftermath.  
Citation Formats
B. N. Özgüler, “Israel’s policy responses to egypt in the post-Mubarak era,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2017.