Virtual museums: a new space for architectural documentation and display

Tekin, Damla
The practice of museology has a broad discourse based upon ideological, sociological, technological and architectural disciplines. This thesis will only cover two of these disciplines, architecture and technology, while analysing the museum environment as it is believed that museums are one of the most independent architectural spaces in both design and narration. Today, the field of virtual museums becomes very dynamic due to technological innovations and it offers different conceptual ideas for architecture and museography. Museums that are designed using virtual applications function in-between real and virtual spaces. Therefore, this study aims at focusing on virtual museums as a new space for architectural documentation and display. In this context, an unusual museum project at “METU Lodgings”, House No. 05 will be used as a tool and subject that illustrates the relation between museum architecture and contemporary technology. House No. 05 was designed as a temporary museum, however it suggests a permanency. This thesis can highlight the influence of a virtual website a museum although it no longer exists.  
Citation Formats
D. Tekin, “Virtual museums: a new space for architectural documentation and display,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2017.