Flow sheet optimization by the concept of sustainable development in pulp and paper industry

Doğan, İsmail


Flow sheet optimization by the concept of sustainable development: alumina industry
Kurucak, Abdurrahman; Gürüz, Güniz; Department of Chemical Engineering (2010)
In this study, effects of changes in various parameters of the Bayer process on the amount of “red mud”, which has many environmental drawbacks, were examined in accordance with the principles of “sustainable development”. The production process of Seydişehir Aluminum Plant is modeled as a case study. First a steady-state mass balance calculation is carried out by incorporating sequential modular approach. Then a model of the Bayer process digester is programmed and several simulations are carried out using...
Flow frictional resistance in pneumatic conveying of solid particles through inclined lines
Carpinlioglu, MO; Ozbelge, TA; Oruc, V (2002-06-11)
The frictional behaviour of fully suspended dilute flow of granular solid particles in air through the transport lines of various angularities, alpha, with the horizontal plane in the range of 0degreesless than or equal to alpha 30degrees is presented in this paper. The friction factor determination is based on the measurements of local static pressure gradients. The experiments were mainly directed to determine the effects of transport line inclination, particle physical characteristics, the ratio of mass ...
Flow investigation in a channel reactor using chemically reacting boundary layer equations
Kenar, Doğu Hazar; Özyörük, Yusuf; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2023-1-13)
In this study, an algorithm for the solution of chemically reacting flows in a channel reactor is developed by using boundary layer equations. The governing flow equations are simplified under certain assumptions with the application of similarity transformation. As a consequence of simplification, the characteristics of flow equations are changed to parabolic partial differential equations (PDE). Parabolic PDEs can be solved by numerical techniques initially designed for ordinary differential equations (OD...
Flow injection-hydride generation-infrared spectrophotometric determination of Pb
Cankur, O; Korkmaz, D; Ataman, Osman Yavuz (2005-04-30)
novel analytical technique has been suggested for determination of Pb usingformation of PbH4(g) by chemical reduction and its subsequent spectrophotometric measurement in IR region, using the peak at 1821.4 cm(-1). The range of measurements is 1.0-30.0 mg l(-1) using a sample of 1.0 ml in flow injection mode. The 3 sigma limit of detection is 0.28 mg l(-1). The method has been applied to standard reference materials of Waste Water, EU-L-1, lead-base bearing metal 53e and Soil/Sediment #4 as well as soil sam...
Flow transitions and flow localization in large-strain deformation of magnesium alloy
Sagapuram, Dinakar; Efe, Mert; Trumble, Kevin P.; Chandrasekar, Srinivasan (Elsevier BV, 2016-04-06)
Understanding transitions from homogeneous to localized flow, and mechanisms underlying flow localization, is of paramount importance for deformation processing of magnesium. In this study, a shear based deformation method is utilized for imposing large strains (similar to 1), under controllable strain rates (10-10(5)/s) and temperatures (80-300 degrees C), in order to examine flow patterns in a magnesium alloy. Based on microstructure characterization, deformation twinning is suggested to contribute to the...
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İ. Doğan, “Flow sheet optimization by the concept of sustainable development in pulp and paper industry,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.