A Clausewitzian reading of Russian intervention in the Syrian civil war

Al, Nazife
This thesis aims to analyse Russian intervention in the Syria civil war by taking into account Clausewitzian approach to war and strategy theories. In this context, the thesis focuses on two dimensions of the case in terms of its relevance to Clausewitzian approach. After giving a review of Clausewitzian dictum of war and strategy by an assessment of his Trinitarian approach to war, transformation of Russian strategic thinking in 2000s and Russian Federation's view of international system is being assessed in order to prove traces from Clausewitzian approach. Therefore, the thesis focuses on Moscow's military intervention in the Syrian civil war, as well as political characteristics of its strategic approach that is revealed by partial withdrawal decision on 14 March 2016. It is intended to provide an analysis on Kremlin's strategic decision from Clausewitzian perspective of war and strategy theories.